「Zero Carbon Pioneer」Kindergarten Programme

2 Teachers and 20 students (each with 1 parent) from the Shun Tak Fraternal Association Kindergartens will be nominated as the Zero Carbon Masters and the Zero Carbon Families respectively. The Zero Carbon Families will attend a Training Day Camp to acquire more zero carbon related messages. After the training, the Zero Carbon Families will be leaded by the Zero Carbon Masters to organise a community activity in their school to promote the concept of Zero Carbon Lifestyle and collect Zero Carbon Pladges by the recruited Zero Carbon Fans. 

Detailed activities:

1. Zero Carbon Family Day Camp
2. Zero Carbon Fans Community Activity
3. Zero Carbon Award Ceremony

* Please refer the CHINESE version for details.

Downoad area:

Application Form (Chinese version only)

Project Banner

Zero Carbon Pioneer Planner 2017-2018 (Kindergarten)


For enquiries, please contact Miss Chan at (852) 2996 2830 or


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