「Zero Carbon Pioneer」Secondary Programme

2 Teachers and 20 students from the Shun Tak Fraternal Association Secondary Schools will be nominated as the Zero Carbon Maters and the Zero Carbon Pioneers respectively. The Zero Carbon Pioneers will attend a Training Day Camp to acquire more zero carbon related messages. After the training, the Zero Carbon Pioneers will be leaded by the Zero Carbon Master to organise a community activity in their school to promote the concept of Zero Carbon Lifestyle and collect Carbon Saving Pladges by the recruited Zero Carbon Fans. 

Detailed activities:

1. Zero Carbon Pioneer Day Camp
2. Zero Carbon Fans Community Activity
3. Zero Carbon Award Ceremony

* Please refer the CHINESE version for details.

Downoad area:

Application Form (Chinese version only)

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Zero Carbon Pioneer Planner 2017-2018 (Secondary School) 


For enquiries, please contact Miss Chan at (852) 2996 2830 or


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