Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving actions are simple and practicable, as simple as saving electricity, reduce waste production, waste sorting and recycling. You can help in combating against climate change by every little creative actions and the most important thing - change your habit!

Energy Saving @ Living Room


• Locate at the living room to be shared by the whole family
• By reducing the number or television, you can reduce pollution and increase communication between family members
• Avoid placing the television at humid, dusty, high temperature and direct sunlight area to maintain its durability
• Switch off the television while meal time so as to enjoy the real taste of food
• Avoid turn on the television as backgroup music
• Turn off the main power of the television rather than remain in a standby mode
• Try to read a book instead and you can aquire extra knowledge in an energy and money saving way


• Different lighting effects can be used according to the needs: Turn on the lightings at dinning room only at meal time; turn off the decorative lightings
• With less lights turn on at home, the room temperature can be reduced so as to reduce the need for air-conditioning
• Change the light bulbs to Energy Saving Light Bulbs (with energy label) help saving energy, thus reduce CO2 emission
• You can reduce lighting by using candles at home
• Change your habit by turning off all lights that not in use

Air conditioner:

• In summer, do some exercises to promote sweating and with suitable diet, human body can accomodate and feel cool
• Keep a good indoor ventilation by open windows widely can help to cool down the indoor temperature as well as reduce the chance to spead germs
• Close the curtains in the daytime helps reducing the room temperature
• Choose fan as your first choice when you feel hot and try to calm down yourself
• Close the doors and windows when using the air-conditioner. Adjust the temperature to 25ºC to 26ºC and use a fan for better ventilation helps to save electricity rather than se the temperature to a very low temperature 
• Make sure the air-conditioner work in good condition, etc: do not place the air-conditioner under direct sunlight; clean the filter regularly and properly; do not block both the air-in and air-out pipes; turn off the air-conditioner right after use, do not retain in the standby mode
• Choose air-conditioner with energy saving level 1 can save more energy


• Close the curtain at the western side of your home and open some windows helps to cool the home down
• Do not turn on the air-conditioner immediately when arrive home but try to open all the windows to facilitate air circulation which let freah air in beforehead
• Plant some pot plants at home can help to purify the air and remove CO2


• Give non-necessary kitchen appliances to other people
• Design menu that are energy and time saving
• Bring your own bag when shopping and choose food with less packaging


• Use shower instead of Bath. And reuse the bath water for watering the plants, to clean floor or flush the toilet
• Adjust the flushing amount of the toilet bowl
• Turn off the light before leaving the toilet
• Adjust the showering temperature according to the room temperature


• Avoid using drying machine but hang dry the clothes under the sun
• At winter night, close a thicker window to keep the room warm


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