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Cutting down your annual CO2 emissions by one tonne is truly possible!

Get Started Now and use the questions of Our Carbon Saving Calculator to add up the tonnes of CO2 savings related to every little action in daily life. Whatever the actions - they add up!

Our CO2 emissions are mainly associated with direct energy use. Saving energy is one of the best way to cut down CO2 emission. The average amount of electricity consumed in the Residential Sector of Hong Kong by each capita in 2015 was about 5.8GJ (1,614 kWh)1. Transportation accounted for 31% of the energy consumption, while over 70% of the electricity and 30% of the gas are consumed at our homes. The power plants in Hong Kong use mainly coal and natural gas (both are fossil fuel) as fuel to generate electricity. Around 0.54 tonnes of CO2 emitted for every 1000 kW electricity generated (or 0.79 tonnes according to the particular electricity provider). For every Litre of petroleum used by a car, 3kg CO2 will be emited2. On average, the greenhouse gas emission of each Hong Kong person is equivalent to 6.2 tonnes of CO2 in 2014. This figure does not include the indirect CO2 emissions from the manufacturing and transportation of the services and products we enjoy!

Now, by using the Carbon Saving Caculator, you can enter the electricity usage marked on your electricity bill and you can monitor the household electricity consumption periodically and thus plan for your electricity saving actions!




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