How To Make A Difference

Can you unplug the electric distilled water machine when you are off duty or during bedtime? Can you switch off the electric thermal pot after the water has boiled? Can you cut use of an air conditioner by 1 hour per day?

If you answer "yes" to the questions, then you have capacity to save more than one tonne of annual CO2 emission. You will also save over $1200 on your electricity bill in return.

In Hong Kong, every 1000 kW of electricity consumed releases 0.54 tonne of CO2 (or 0.79 tonnes depends on the electricity providing company). Saving 1 tonne of CO2 cuts down your electricity tariff by $1200/year or $100/month. If you or your family drives, you can save 0.53 tonne of annual CO2 emissions by reducing your petrol bill by $60 a week.


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