Z Carbon Pioneer


The challenge of climate change and peak oil is already at stake. In respond to that, we must action urgently through individuals, community and government. and effectively and swiftly we would transit ourselves towards a sustainable and low carbon lifestyle.


Train student representatives becoming “Z Carbon Pioneer”. They will help promoting environmental message to school, family and community organizations, essentially promote the adoption of low carbon lifestyle.


Training Sessions:

Two half day training sessions is scheduled for 5th October and 12th October 2013 facilitating 50 student representatives from ten schools, which will take place in Zero Carbon Building and Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation respectively. The training will combine both film show and group discussion, using three inspirational movies as teaching materials. It takes reference on the Global “Transition Town Movement” aiming students to comprehend the challenge of climate change and peak oil and the discussion of low carbon options. The training will also consist of personal carbon footprint calculation exercise, evaluation of daily practices in relation to carbon emission and future carbon reduction potential, finally encouraging students to make carbon reduction commitments. Please see Attachment 2 for the list of movie teaching materials.

Follow Up Activities:

An amount of $2000 will be provided to all “Z Carbon Pioneer” participatory schools. Assistance from Organizers will be offered to student representatives in arranging follow up activities such as film shows or relevant education programmes for 50 participants. This can take place either within campus or community from October 2013 to January 2014. Student representatives need to submit report and photos after the activity.

Low Carbon Commitment:

Student Representatives need to undertake personal carbon footprint calculation exercise and evaluate it, then explore future carbon reduction potential. Finally, the student representatives should try their best to encourage classmates, families, schools and community to reduce carbon emission.

Giving Credits:

For those completed training session, organized follow up activities, and gave commitment to low carbon, students will be entitled as “Z Carbon Pioneer” receiving a certificate in February 2014. For those participated the follow up activities, they will be entitled as “Z Carbon Fan” and awarded a “Z Carbon Diary” and a trip to “Zero Carbon Building” (Each school limits to 50 persons). List of “Z Carbon Pioneer”, “Z Carbon Fan” and participatory schools will receive credits in the project website, Facebook and “Z Carbon Diary”, together with their commitment figures of carbon reduction.


Please fax (24837198) or email ( the completed Application Form (Attachment 1) to: Sustainable Living & Agriculture Department, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation. Limited quota. All applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


Miss Helen Leung, Sustainable Living Officer (tel) 24837189 (email)


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